Monday, April 8, 2013

Brunette Does Sex and the City

                      [Carrie's Apt]

                      [This house was cuter]

                     [I want to live in the west village]

                     [Michael Kors]

                     [Me and my new shoes!]


 [Flowers at Dean and DeLuca]

 [Dean and DeLuca]

One of the spots I definitely wanted to visit while in NY was Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and the City.  I also wanted to check out the West Village.  Carrie's apartment wasn't that cute so I took a picture in front of a cuter apartment lol.  I want to live in the West Village.  It's such a cute area with little boutiques.  For some reason everything feels small and village like, just like its name.  We stopped by Michael Kors and I fell in love with a bag I can't afford.  Then we went into Steven because they were having a sale.  Obvs I bought a pair of shoes, because apparently I'm not good for anything else these days.  Did you know in New York if your purchase is under $100 you don't have to pay tax?? I've been wanting a pair of booties for awhile now and since rag and bone refuses to put their harrow booties on sale, I settled for these Steven (steve madden? watever) booties. You might think why is this chick buying booties when its 75 degrees in LA  It's because sometimes you visit NY and you're freezing and need a pair of cute shoes. Sometimes you have to live in the moment. Whatever.

My cousin said we havveeee to try Cafe Habana.  They have one of these restaurants in Malibu and I have been there before, but she promised us this Cafe Habana was not the same.  We waited in the freezing cold for an hour and a half before we were finally seated in a restaurant the size of my room.  The food was damn good.  Honestly, I was just happy to not be in the cold and to actually be sitting, but it was worth it.


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