Friday, April 26, 2013

Traveling in White

Traveling in White

Traveling in White by losangelesbrunette featuring a crew neck t-shirt

Kiehl's lip balm
Valextra suitcase similar here and here
White ipad mini
Alexander Wang sunglasses i like this one better                                               
Michael Kors tote
Nikon camera
Frends headphones 
James Perse white t similar here
Hudson Jeans similar here
So I was thinking to myself yesterday......what is the most practical color to travel in? WHITE.  Just kidding.  White is obviously the least practical color to travel in, but since it is my favorite color I thought I'd do a travel post with the color/non color whatever.  Why the travel post you ask.  Because for the last week or so I have been day dreaming about being on a tropical island.  This is as close to a getaway as I will get right now.  Just go with it.  

First, lets discuss this gorgeous white rolling suitcase from Valextra.  I don't know if this is a super popular brand, but it is new to me.  The suitcase is gorgeous in all white, but ridiculously expensive!!! and clearly not practical.  I've attached some links to more realistic options.  I'm also loving how Michael Kors is whipping out this basic tote in all different colors.  My favorite is actually this bag, but to keep with the theme I posted the white one.  I think these types of bags are really great for traveling because you can just throw everything that doesn't fit into your carry-on in this bag!  I've recently been considering purchasing a good camera for blogging purposes, but you obvs also need a great camera when you're going on vacation!  I don't know if I'll ever be one of those girls that travels in a lovely sundress and heels.  I like to be comfortable, especially on a long flight.  Skinny jeans, a T and some converse are my go to in life. 

Happy Friday!


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I want. Wednesday: This cuff

I want. Wednesday: This cuff

I want. Wednesday: This cuff by losangelesbrunette featuring oliver peoples optical

Collection by Giada Forte knit shirt similar here 
Oak metallic shorts similar here 
Oliver Peoples sunglasses similar here 
Tom Ford perfume
J. Mendel mink large cuff
Diane von Furstenberg clutch 
Zara sandals

Hihi.  Yesterday, while doing my standard online shopping, I found this AMAZING cuff on the Barney's website.  It's literally a fur cuff.  I can't get over it.  I hope you think it's just as amazing as I do.  I also want to get a pair of aviator sunglasses for spring.  I love Ray Ban and they have fun flash lenses that are super popular right now.  I have the Zara sandals and I think they are a great purchase because they are actually a comfortable pair of heels.  By comfortable I mean I can wear them for a few hours without wanting to kill myself.  They are also sexy and simple.

This weekend I was getting my nails done and the chick sitting next to me had the most amazing gold cuff on.  I usually ask people where they get their stuff if I really like it, but this girl was soooo incredibly rude to the girl doing her nails I decided not to ask.  Luckily, while doing my standard online shopping I found it online! Yay me.  Hopefully, it will be my next purchase. 

Today also happens to be the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.  If you don't know what I am talking about educate yourself here

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Hihi.  Since the weather was so nice and warm this weekend, I spent most of it near my pool.  I thought it was about time I got a tan....

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Converse shoes
Gap jeans
H&M sweater similar here
Forever21 jacket (old) similar here
H&M scarf (old) similar here
Ray Ban sunglasses
Marc Jacobs watch

Hihi.  I don't know about you, but I was freezing yesterday.  Luckily I took my faux leather jacket to work with me.  Isn't it supposed to be spring?  This is basically my uniform.  I wear the crap out of all these pieces.  I LOVE my neutral knit scarf because it is basically like a blanket.  It keeps me so warm and it matches with everything (at least I think it does). Another item I think everyone should have in their closet is a pair of dark skinny jeans.  I feel like they are good for putting a daytime look together and they look great for going out too.  You can dress them up or dress them down and they will look great.  I have been living in a pair of J Brand skinny jeans for a few years now, but the color finally started to fade.  I bought a replacement from gap.  They look great, but they aren't comfortable at all.  I think it's because they aren't low rise.  Now I know what to look for in my next pair.

Looking forward to some warm weather!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bachelorette Party!!

American Apparel pants
Brandy Melville tank
H&M faux fur similar here
Marc Jacobs watch
J. Crew bracelet
Jimmy Choo shoes

Hihi.  This weekend was my best friend's bachelorette party!  I still can't believe she's getting married!  We all met up at her house and took a limo to Sur.  It's so nice to have a dd! I thought we were going to the restaurant, but apparently they have a bar/lounge too.  It was super fun and the bar was packed.  I'm not sure how, but at some point I think my friends even got the DJ to play Armenian music.  The highlight of the night was running into Ken and Lisa Vanderpump.  Lisa's gorgeous.

Hope your Monday isn't as rough as mine right now!


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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hippie Shit

Hippie Shit

Hippie Shit by losangelesbrunette featuring leather handbags

Oliver Peoples sunglasses similar here
Missoni swimsuit similar here
H&M shorts
Steve Madden sandals similar here 
Eugenia Kim floppy hat
Brandy Melville Jada dress  
Brandy Melville necklace
Target bracelet 
Free people feathered headpiece
Chloe bag similar here
Free people tent

Hihi. It's that time of year.  Coachella!  Here are my picks for the festival season.  I would most definitely embrace being a hippie by wearing this amazing feathered headpiece from free people, but  I'm  the type of person that's into wearing feathers even when its not festival season. If you want to look like the perfect hippie just go to and buy everything on their site.  They even have a tent!!  I feel like a floppy hat and amazing sunglasses are a must for spending hours under the desert sun.  I'm really into mirrored lenses for spring/summer right now.  Ray ban has a nice copy cat of the Oliver Peoples sunglasses.  Happy shopping!

Hope all you Coachella goers have a great weekend!


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brunette Goes to DC

 [Union Station]
 [Air Force Memorial]

[Old Town Alexandria]

 [The reason we didn't get any cupcakes]
[Old Town Alexandria at night]
 [Tulip blossoms]

Hihi.  After a few days in New York we made our way down to Washington DC to visit some family.  This time we got a chance to go through Union Station.  It really is such a nice train station.  It feels like you're in an episode of Harry Potter.  I've been to DC before and visited every single monument there is, but they recently built a memorial for those who served in the Air Force that we hadn't seen.  Since my uncle was in the Air Force, we thought we'd go check it out.  After checking out the memorial we had lunch in Old Town Alexandria.  Old Town Alexandria is an adorable little town with brick buildings right next to the Patomic River.  I've mostly just visited at night, so it was nice to hang out in the area during the day time.

One of the things I really wanted to check out while in DC was Georgetown Cupcakes.  I was so excited to have a cupcake but was seriously let down when I saw the line.  Like are people insane?  I seriously couldn't believe how long the line was. No cupcakes for me :(

If you want to see more from my trip check out my facebook page!


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Monday, April 8, 2013

Brunette Does Sex and the City

                      [Carrie's Apt]

                      [This house was cuter]

                     [I want to live in the west village]

                     [Michael Kors]

                     [Me and my new shoes!]


 [Flowers at Dean and DeLuca]

 [Dean and DeLuca]

One of the spots I definitely wanted to visit while in NY was Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and the City.  I also wanted to check out the West Village.  Carrie's apartment wasn't that cute so I took a picture in front of a cuter apartment lol.  I want to live in the West Village.  It's such a cute area with little boutiques.  For some reason everything feels small and village like, just like its name.  We stopped by Michael Kors and I fell in love with a bag I can't afford.  Then we went into Steven because they were having a sale.  Obvs I bought a pair of shoes, because apparently I'm not good for anything else these days.  Did you know in New York if your purchase is under $100 you don't have to pay tax?? I've been wanting a pair of booties for awhile now and since rag and bone refuses to put their harrow booties on sale, I settled for these Steven (steve madden? watever) booties. You might think why is this chick buying booties when its 75 degrees in LA  It's because sometimes you visit NY and you're freezing and need a pair of cute shoes. Sometimes you have to live in the moment. Whatever.

My cousin said we havveeee to try Cafe Habana.  They have one of these restaurants in Malibu and I have been there before, but she promised us this Cafe Habana was not the same.  We waited in the freezing cold for an hour and a half before we were finally seated in a restaurant the size of my room.  The food was damn good.  Honestly, I was just happy to not be in the cold and to actually be sitting, but it was worth it.


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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tourist Brunette

So the first time I visited New York, we didn't have time to visit all the touristy sites.  This time around we had enough time to fit everything in.  My cousin played tour guide and took us everywhere.  One of the days we went to ground zero to see the World Trade Memorial.  It definitely wasn't a lighthearted experience. Seeing the black inverted fountains where the towers used to be was really depressing and eery.

After visiting the memorial we decided to get some new york pizza. Duh.  I asked some officers that looked like they belonged in Law and Order where the best place to get pizza was.  They said Lombardi's.  We didn't have time to stop by Lombardi's on our way to Staten Island so we just ate some whatever pizza.  It wasn't bad.

We made it just in time to catch the Staten Island ferry to take a look at the statue of Liberty!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Out in NYC


Our first night in NYC we went to some music video premier at the Flatiron Hotel?  We were supposed to make it there in time to watch the band perform live and then stay for the party.  Of course we didn't make it to the performance, but got there just in time for the party! For some reason staying out till 5am is standard in NYC. After the party at the Flatiron, we headed to the lower east side to Los Feliz Taqueria.  The best part about this bar was that there was a Bulgarian bar next door.  My cousin wouldn't stop talking about this crazy/weird/awesome/creepy bar, so after a few drinks and an awesome conversation with a gay guy about his new tank top line for bros, we headed over to Mehanata.  

I can't even begin to explain what this bar/club was about, but it was effing awesome.  Its the type of place that has bras and panties hanging as decor, swings, hookah, a dj, skeletons, soviet decor and women passing out strange shots.  Apparently it also has an "ice room".  You pay a small fee to go downstairs to the basement where they dress you up in soviet garb and make you drink vodka till you puke.  My kinda place.  Too bad it was "closed" by the time we got there. Next time Mehanata....

It was the most fun I've had out in a while!

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