Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Work Out Wednesday

Work out Wednesday

Lululemon Street To Studio Jacket
Forever 21 neon top 
Lululemon Wunder Under Crop
Nike shorts
Lululemon yoga mat 
Nike Free Run 3

Hihi.  Lately, I’ve been having this urge to workout and be healthy/fit.  It might be because summer is around the corner.  Or it might be because I went to Lululemon to try on some work out clothes and there were wayyyyy too many mirrors in that dressing room. Maybe, this interest in working out came from Lululemon’s new spring collection.  Who knows?

Here are some of the items I have been obsessing over.  I bought a pair of Nike Free Run sneakers last year and they are honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn.  They are super light and come in millions of fabulous color combinations.  I am really into the yellow and gray Nike’s and they match perfectly with the yellow Lululemon Street To Studio Jacket!  The jacket is light, but keeps you surprisingly warm (and its waterproof).  I wouldn’t say that I am a professional yogi, but if I was I would definitely buy this bubble gum pink yoga mat.     

Namaste betchez



  1. thank u for the comment on my blog.
    follow each other sounds great, i follow u now.

  2. Ooh those cool minty pieces are making me want to trek to the treadmill!

    xo from NY

  3. like this post, girl;)
    and all workout pieces are nice;)x


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