Monday, March 18, 2013

Instagram Update

 [Happy Hour]

Hihi.  I thought I'd share my outfits from the week. I might be having a legging moment.  Last week I "broke" my toe so I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible at work.

Sweater: Lush (pink and grey) H and M (white)
Leggings: Target
Tank: Target
Shoes: Converse and Dolce Vita 
Ring: Forever21
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Purse: Vintage Louis Vuitton

A few years ago I lost this turquoise Tiffany's ring that my aunt gave me for Christmas.  I'm still totally devastated about it and try to find replacement rings all the time.  I found this ring at Forever 21 for like $3 that is temporarily filling the void of my missing Tiffany ring.  The Louis Vuitton is older than I am.  My mom said she used to use it as my diaper bag.  I have temporarily inherited it.  I love how old it is and how the leather has turned this lovely brown color.  The Dolce Vita's are super cute but are a killer.  I always try to find cute flats to wear to work, but I never find any that are comfortable.  These Dolce Vita's are no exception.  I wear them on days I know I won't be running around.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Super cute flats!

    Thanks for visiting

  2. love that pink striped sweater!


  3. Loving that pink and grey sweater! Super cute! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  4. Love your Louis Vuitton:) Beautiful photos!!!
    Claudia P.


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