Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I want. Wednesday: SHOES!

I want. Wednesday: SHOES!

I want. Wednesday: SHOES! by losangelesbrunette featuring boots

 Hihi. I was thinking that maybe I should change my I want Wednesday posts to "Shoe Wednesday".  That has such a great ring to it, right?  Anyways, I was doing my reg online shopping and wishing I was in NY for fashion week, when I stumbled upon these fabulous shoes.  I might have lost my mind for a few minutes.  

These are the trends in shoes that I think will be big this spring/summer.  I definitely see more and more of the translucent pumps.  Christian Louboutin, Monolo Blahnik and Gianvito Rossi have all come out with this same type of shoe.  The Christian Louboutin version is definitely my fave.  They just seem to look sexier on your feet.  Metallics is another big trend, especially in shoes.  I am definitely liking the cutout oxfords that I am seeing everywhere.  I think they look great with skirts and pants.  Ughk and the over the knee gladiators. There are no words.  Altuzzara really knows what's up.  Alexander Wang is doing over the knee sandals for Spring too. Finally, get yourself some ankle strap stilettos. Just trust.

I found all these shoes that should be located in my closet in the Tommy Ton edit for Saks. 

1. Altuzzara Leather Gladiator Over the Knee boot
2. Aquazzura Amazon Leather Lace up Sandal
3. Altuzzara Leather Over the Knee Boots
4. Gucci Ursula Leather Horsebit Ankle Strap Sandals in Cobalt
5. Gucci Ursula Leather Horsebit Ankle Strap Sandals
6. Alexander Wang Lyoka Textured Metallic Leather Cutout Oxfords
7. Monolo Blahnik Pacha Translucent Patent Leather Pumps

Happy Shopping!!

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